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Zidani do Bronquinha

zidani do bronquinha fila brasileiro

                 fila brasileiro zidani do bronquinha

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zidani cao de fila brasileiro



                 Vídeo de Zidani com 8 anos de idade/ Zidani at 8 years of age

Zidani estava com 8 anos no vídeo, a poucos dias de fazer 9 anos. Zidani veio do Canil do Bronquinha e guardámos 2 cães com o sangue dele : Otelo del Carnicero  e Ambra 

In the video, Zidani was 8 years old, just a few days from being 9 years old, his current age. Zidani came from Canil do Bronquinha and we have two young dogs that still hold his blood : Otelo del Carnicero  and Ambra  .


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